Whogohost is now the largest hosting provider in Nigeria because they have an extensive range of services, at affordable prices, backed up with a support team and payment options that will make the purchase process completely easy.

They have been powering many Nigerian businesses over the years including GTBank and Obafemi Awolowo University.

Your web host can determine the performance of your blog positively and negatively so read this VERY EXTENSIVE WhoGoHost review.

I have 7 domains and I was a hostgator customer until 2011 I switched to Godaddy. However in 2015, I decided to try a Nigerian web hosting company that is doing well and started looking out for one.

I chose WhoGoHost because they have been powering the Nigerian web space. They offer several solutions including web hosting and domain registration services.

But then, so does GoDaddy , NameCheap, BlueHost and other global webhosts.

So before you sign up with WhoGoHost and make them our web host, you read this review, and then make a quality decision on your webhost.


WhoGoHost was birthed in 2007 by Opeyemi Awoyemi under Ennovate Nigeria Limited. It was incorporated independently in 2011 has WhoGoHost Limited.

Since then it has garnered several webmasters’ interests in because of her robust capacity to handle huge websites like GTBank and its customer service.

I am one of the many customers who subscribe to WhoGoHost and I have been largely satisfied because WhoGoHost has a massive credibility.

Check this out:

  • WhoGoHost partner with Interswitch to provide payment integration services;
  • They are an authorised Google Apps Reseller;
  • They are a dot NG registrar;
  • They are a CloudFlare Certified Partner.
  • They are an IBM business partner


WhoGoHost has a variety of services to meet the needs of webmasters. Here are all their current services under the following headings: Domains, Hosting, Website and Security


WhoGoHost offers the following domain related services: Domain Registration, Domain transfer, .NG domain registration, new GTLDs, Country code TLDs, Domain Reseller, and WHOIS search


Under their hosting packages, the following are available: Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, Host(ing) in Nigeria, Cloud Hosting, Virtual Seller, G-Suite services.


While WGH is not a core Web design company in essence, they also offer website design services, complete reseller package and Interswitch Solutions if you want to be able to accept payment on your website


WGH offers website security services like SSL certificates, Sitelock scannerand Codeguard backup


WhoGoHost offers lots of support information and assistance

Their support team is available to respond to your hosting issues anytime you need them. A distinguishing feature of their support is all their self-help information. They have video tutorials, an extensive knowledge base, downloads to help people be more knowledgeable about hosting, avoid problems and keep their sites up and running once you login in via their client Login.

Whogohost Review - Clients photo



World-class Management

Appointment of former VP Technical Infrastructure of BlueHost to its advisory board who also doubles as Senior VP, Technical Infrastructure.

WhoGoHost Review - VP Technical Image

What I love about this strategic move as a customer and webmaster is the new energy and excitement beaming from the management of WhoGoHost. The wealth of experience he brings which helped to build BlueHost into one of the world’s biggest hosting company will be phenomenal.

Just listen to what they all have to say:

“I am very excited to build a hosting giant again, this time for Africa and elated to be working with two of Africa’s finest entrepreneurs on this”. – Spencer Cadland

“Spencer’s experience and technical wizardry has helped build a top 3 web hosting company in America, he will be very instrumental to building the top web hosting company in Africa for Africa” – Toba Obaniyi, CEO WhoGoHost

“As a result of Mr Cadland’s involvement, we have been able to upgrade our infrastructure and knowledge of our technical team in a few months, while it would take our competitors years to achieve same. We are very confident of remaining the No. 1 choice for Nigerians wanting to build/host websites or buy domain names” – Opeyemi Awoyemi, WhoGoHost Chairman.

He joined BlueHost in 2005 from and led technology infrastructure growing the engineering team to a team of 55 server admins, WordPress developers and engineers managing millions of websites.

Immediate Improvement – WhoGoHost Operations

Mr Spencer Cadland helped introducing efficiency and global standards to WhoGoHost’s hosting infrastructure earlier in 2017 when web host had issues on 2 of its servers affecting some clients’ sites.

Social Proof – WhoGoHost can be trusted.

For me, what got me was the fact that they host GTBank website. Any web host a very sophisticated financial website like GTBank can trust to host their site is good enough for me.

 Competence – WhoGoHost is licensed by NIRA as a Dot NG Domain Registrar

NIRA is the body government body that governs the sale of domain names in Nigeria.

Being a licensed web hosting company by NIRA for dot NG domain registration is the proof and a seal of credibility that your business website is Nigerian truly.

Also, it is great for ranking well in the local search engine research pages (SERP). Buy your dot NG domain with WhoGoHost here.

Massive Domain Extensions – WGH has the most robust domain extensions.

With a gigantic 400+ domain extensions, security services, cloud hosting services and much more, they have turned into the number one one-stop shop for your entire web hosting needs and more.

Fast, Impressive Propagation Time – WGH domains propagates fast –

almost as fast as Godaddy domains. All the 3 domains hosted for me by WGH propagates as fast as it can and they also offer registrar lock to keep your domain from being hijacked by hackers.

Affordable – WhoGoHost fees are quite affordable

It is even cheaper than competitors like SmartWeb. Shared hosting has set monthly price options while VPS has a custom price point based on the exact features that you use.

You can even pay monthly if you have cash flow issues. It is cheaper to pay annually though this is what I do and I recommend you do if you can afford it.

Multi-Payment Options – WGH wants to host your business online.

The payment options are more than enough for anyone and you really cannot use payment difficulty as an excuse except you don’t want to pay. Payment options range from cash deposits (into 3 prominent Nigerian banks) , you can pay via cards using both local and international card payments like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club, Verve using Interswitch and E-tranzact. You can even use Cash Envoy and Pocket Moni, Quickteller and AmplifyPay. For International payments, they also offer wire transfer via USD and EURO payment routing options. They want your business big time. Nice one.

Plenty of Hosting Options – WGH provides hosting plans for everyone.

This is great from the new entrepreneurs or anyone who needs a web presence at a cheap fee.

Reputation and Proven Track Record­ –

WGH has a good reputation and a great brand name in the Nigerian Webhosting world. Their track record also speaks well for them. They also rank FIRST on the first page of Google (after the Ads). This means they have a high page Rank and massive traffic. What more can I say?

Great Customer Support – WhoGoHost provides great customer support to their clients through phone calls, chats, support tickets, and emails.

Whenever I had issues with my website hosting, I reach out to WhoGoHost through live chats, phone calls or emails. The company is available on social media networks for easy access as well. And the company’s office is always open to receive customers’ complaints.

I prefer to call them directly as I find this to be the most effective way to get instant results compared to emails, and live chat. Their response on twitter is the most unreliable.

Reliability – WhoGoHost can be relied on

They use good hardware and partner with CloudFlare, both of which will help keep sites up and running smoothly.

Customer satisfaction – WhoGoHost’s customers are generally satisfied. The overall stability of their hosting services is a good sign and a reason for this. The company is growing and expanding as well.

User Friendly

Regardless of your level of technical experience with web hosting, you won’t have any trouble using WhoGoHost’s services.

I like their standard control panel which are easy to use, and their website is very easy to navigate and find your way around.

Whogohost Review - Clients photo


Similar but Confusing Hosting Packages

I used the Pro 6GB package. One thing I found slightly confusing when I wanted to sign up in 2015 is their several categories of shared hosting packages, each with several packages. The options are quite similar, which left me wondering which one was perfect for me.

Uptime – WhoGoHost cannot guarantee any uptime

As at the time of this review, WhoGoHost offers no type of uptime guarantee on their hosting. While this has not been a major problem for me, it still gives me concerns a bit. Unfortunately, there is little hard information available that can be found to confirm that they have the level of uptime that most people will want.

Server Downtime

Needless to mention that the availability of your website at all times is essential, some people have complained bitterly about WhoGoHost’s downtime.

It was gathered that some users’ websites could be unavailable from ten minutes to two days. While the major downtime period is at night.

Data Loss and Backups

WhoGoHost may have caused some of their customers’ terrible loss of vital web content. Few customers have complained that the hosting company lost a lot of their web files.

Need for More Technically Sound Customer Service Staff – WhoGoHost chat box is a great innovation but the people I have chatted with has been technically deficient but very polite. I have been very frustrated with the fact that I even knew more than one of them but the issue was sorted and she was very polite so I just had to calm down.


Now, you have seen and read it all. From this WhoGoHost review, I recommend that you host your website and blogs with WhoGoHost. You will have a good experience with the New WhoGoHost.

Like I had said I have Godaddy domains but they are in the US and calling them is a big challenge because they are in America.

However, when I have any challenge, WhoGoHost is just a phonecall away and it is so much faster than chatting with them or sending emails alone.

Click the yellow to order for your domain name and hosting with Whogohost Today


  1. I have hosted several of my clients websites with WhoGoHost for years. What i noticed is that the downtime has drastically witness positive changes in 2019

    1. I haven’t had any major issues with WhoGoHost to be fair. I still rate them 75%. I know they are not 100% focused on webhosting as they build sites and organize events to push their affiliate programs but GTBank and OAU websites trust these guys. Have you tried going to their office?

    1. Non of this host you are mentioning need VPN to access. All you need is a Nigerian Paypal linked with Barter virtual card to pay for hosting in Dollar

  2. Please, I’m a newbie in the blog space. I’m currently using but bought a domain from godaddy. For few weeks after research on migration to WordPress because of some features I’m really confused about which of the hosting companies to use. I want a domain with .ng but bluehost does not offer that. Please I need your advice on this.

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