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Content is no longer KING!

Quality Content now reigns supreme. It is the lifeblood of your presence online – whether for business or pleasure.

Quality, well optimised content means more traffic, better customer perception and also better Search Engine Optimisation. The proper blend of these will ultimately become more sales for you.

We are sure you are aware that Google hates and penalises content written just for bots.



We are the perfect writers for you...

…and I am Roti, a versatile writer excited to manage a team of excellent writers with a combined 27-year experience in writing.

We understand how to write content for the people who come to your website or blog on an array of topics like Family, Wellness/Health, Finance, Technology, Blogging etc.

This means we can give your readership what will keep them coming back for more. We will help you build audience loyalty with original using quality, captivating and mentally stimulating content.

We can help you meet your content needs in the following areas:


Content Marketing Strategy Development

The mantra on the internet these days is Evolve or Perish.

The rate at which new businesses spring up daily means it is high time your business be re-positioned to evolve with times with maintaining your core strategy

Content marketing has been found to deliver 56% more leads than traditional outbound marketing, and with 71% of consumers saying that content that connects with them emotionally them feel closer to a company.

If you fail to use content marketing right, you risk ignoring your audience’s needs and will lose more than 50% of your leads.

We are not only available to help you implement a content strategy that will make your business blossom, we can also help you execute it successfully.


Guest Posting

A guaranteed way to multiply your reach, expose your brand more, create the right perception and own a share of your audience’s minds is through guest blogging – especially on authority blogs.

Only the wisest companies online today take advantage of guest blogging and the outcome is immediately obvious: Unbelievable exposure, leverage and authority status.

Think of 50,000 to 1,000,000 eyeballs monthly seeing your content feature on blogs the regard as A-list?

Picture being able to say proudly that you have been featured on some of the most popular blogs in your industry.

Well, we can ghostwrite quality premium guest posts on some of these authority blogs in your niche.

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While at it, don’t forget to reference the service(s) you are desire to have us help with:

E-books/Reports/Case Studies/Whitepapers

A most effective way to seal your authority status in your industry, be seen as a thought-leader and influencer is by creating writing e-books, reports, detailed case studies and whitepapers. If you want any one of these four or even all, have us on board and these will soon be your reality.



Are you a busy CEO or a company Executive? Do you know you can build your reputation as a thought-leader in your industry and have people paying attention what you have to say but don’t have the time to write?

Do you know you can achieve this by investing in dedicated quality content creators?

If so, look no further as we are here to help.

As professional freelance writers, we will give you our very best work – conversational original content that gives readers new information supported with research, charts, data references, expert quotes, snapshots, short introductions, clear action items and examples not random opinion.

We’ll write articles for you, and happily give up the credit backed by a Non-Disclosure Agreement as we have done in the last 5 years. This is a wise option that frees up your time so you can focus on increasing the bottom-line and creating shareholder delight.


Blog Posts

82 percent of marketers who blog see positive ROI for their inbound marketing, and marketers that prioritise blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy a positive ROI.

If you are not blogging, you are losing out on A LOT of leads. Imagine experiencing a significant boost in revenue simply by producing a few pieces of content every month? I can help make it happen.

Hire us to help your company create quality content that will make your audience connect emotionally with you and result in a positive ROI.



  • Have you ever wanted to show your expertise and innovative ideas to new audiences?
  • Do You need case studies, white papers, e-books and other detailed B2B marketing content?
  • DO you need content that will drive your sales?
  • Do you want the quality, captivating and mentally stimulating content?

When you hire us, you are guaranteed to get clean copy, painstakingly researched and customized content for your unique audience.

We know you need quality writers that are reliable and commitment to your success, look no further.

Welcome to the home of your content.