Clientele Profile


According to the LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community, the top three things that make your content effective are:

  1. Audience Relevance (58%)
  2. Engaging and Compelling Storytelling (57%)  
  3. Calls to Action (54%)

These are the areas where our writing team focus on when we write for you. While we cannot disclose the identify of our ghostwriting clients, they are bloggers and organizations who appreciate that investing in original content that initiate conversations and inform their readers of what they need to know in making quality decisions before buying products or services is crucial to business success.

The kind of content they hired us to write includes all or some of the following:

  1. Research/Charts
  2. Product Descriptions
  3. Data references
  4. Expert quotes
  5. Snapshots
  6. Examples not random opinion
  7. Short introductions, and clear action items
  8. Social Media Content – Facebook posts, Tweets, LinkedIn Posts
  9. Website/Blog Posts

Anyone can easily write their thoughts but it takes the skillful to produce substantive argument backed up with data and inspires discussion.

This is because they are aware that their readers deserve the best – valuable, life changing content that will keep them coming back.

If this is you, then Welcome, Start Here for Content or Here for Ads

If you still feel we are your writers, then consider splitting the content into parts 1 and 2