Facebook makes billions of dollars (trillions of Naira) selling advertising to their 2.2 billion users.

When quizzed about the revenue source of Facebook, “Senator, we run ads” was Mark Zuckerberg’s response during a session with a committee set up by the US Senate to look into Facebook’s activities a while back.

Facebook is a gigantic advertising gorilla. Statistics say 90% of online marketers use Facebook Ads to generate leads into their sales pipeline.

If Facebook was a country, it will be bigger than China.

Like I said earlier, it has over 2.2 Billion active users of its own.

With over USD $27 Billion in revenue, Facebook advertising is a major source of revenue for Facebook.

So it has been established that Facebook makes money. This means Mark makes money.

Does Your Business that places Facebook Ads make money?


Facebook advertising costs have been steadily increasing.

Advertisers like you and I cough out hard earned money to Facebook so that they can display our ads and more than 97% of us keep their fingers crossed and hope.

Well, I am NOT sorry to disappoint you but hope in NOT a strategy.

You cannot just place an ad and hope users would click them and visit your landing page.

You need to do things right and if 8 years of running Facebook ads have taught me anything, it is that FACEBOOK REWARD THOSE WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING – with lower costs, more clicks, more awareness, higher conversions and most importantly guaranteed Sales.

Despite all these extra jara (I mean benefits, my dear non-Nigerian reader), most ads fail massively to live up to Facebook’s expectation.

As a result, many people are frustrated and give up.

The more resilient ones keep dashing money to Facebook without any Jara in return.

Why Your Facebook Ads Fail


A successful Facebook ad had many different parts to it. These factors increase the level of complexity of placing an add and increases the chances of running an unsuccessful ad.

However, running Facebook ad successfully is very simple the moment you realize that you need to sort out each factor and combine them in a way that can optimize your ad.

Here are some reasons why most Facebook ads fail.

Reason 1: Unwise use of Content marketing

Reason 2: Boring Ad Copies

Reason 3: Inferior Targeting

Reason 4: Overlapping Audiences

Reason 5: Tiny, Super Specific Audience

Reason 6: Wrong Bidding Budget

Reason 7: Wrong Bidding Option

Reason 8: Poor Audience To Message Match

Reason 9: Poor Offer

Reason 10: Excessive Text on Ad Image

Reason 11: Breaking Facebook’s Advertising Rules

Reason 12: Little Budget

Reason 13: Ad Fatigue

Reason 14: The Wrong Objective

Reason 15: Not Giving Facebook Time

Reason 16: Trying hard for cold sales


Why Facebook Ads Fail – Reason 1: Unwise use of Content marketing

The late great Nigerian Magician Professor Peller did awesome magic that blew away Nigerians and people “in the abroad”.

Unfortunately, That is how many advertisers think Facebook ads are – like Magic!

This is fact is you need to get used to the platform and understand how it works and then learn tactical systems that you can use to get great results.

To do this, you need awesome content as your bullets. You can then use Facebook platform as the gun and aim at your target.

What am I saying?

High-quality content marketing is one of the major forces that you need to be successful with Facebook ads.

When you combine paid ads with give high-quality content, you create a nearly unstoppable thrust that will gibe you massive visibility to a larger audience especially if you are new.

So, if you have poor content, I promise you will be wasting money or donating money to Facebook – trough your nose and will NOT be seen.

This means almost zero ROI on your advertising dollars.

To make content marketing work, you must churn out high-quality content and also regularly. Wisemetrics reports that 75% of the engagement you get on your posts happens within the first 5 hours. Here is a chart that shows how the reach, impressions, and engagement pans out throughout the life of a Facebook post.

Why Facebook Ads Fail – Reason 2: Boring Ad Copies

The way your ad looks and how it grabs the attention of the target audience has so much to do with the results you get.

Let’s say you targeted the right people impeccably and you bidded wells, go a step ahead and see that your ad copy is catchy.

Trust me, your ad will perform well with higher impressions and clicks to your landing page because there are certain things attracting your target market.

A boring ad copy bores people and users will scroll pass your ad because it has no appeal.

Keep your ads attractive by changing the style of the ad or anything that you will attract your target audience.

Why Facebook Ads Fail – Reason 3: Inferior Targeting

Before your place any digital ad, you need to know your audience and this refers to Twitter ads, Instagram ads, Google ads and LinkedIn ads as well.

When you understand your audience, and these can be people in every age group, sex, demography, geography, location, ethnicity, choice, eating habit, language. If you know they way they think, their interests and how they behave, then you have a very high chance to target them on Facebook.

A successful Facebook ad campaign is dependent on placing your message or offer in front of the hungry audience that needs what you are offering.

So now, you know one reason why many Facebook Ad campaigns fail – the advertisers do not target the ads to the right audience properly.

Knowing your audience is most beneficial. A major USP (unique selling proposition) of Facebook advertising is that your ad can be shown strictly to the definite audience you have in mind.

When you fail to target your audience properly, your advertising campaign will be disastrous.

Nothing is more annoying to Facebook users than seeing content or ads that are irrelevant and nothing demoralizes an advertiser more than losing money and not achieving your advertising objectives.

If you understand proper targeting and target properly, you can place “ food before a hungry person” or relevant group of people so to speak.

Why Facebook Ads Fail – Reason 4: Overlapping Audiences

You are at liberty to select different sets of the audience to see which one suits the best. However, this may lead to overlapping between different sets of audiences. When this happens, an ad ompetes against itself and drags down its impressions. So you need to check if your audience selection is causing an overlap. Facebook has built-in tools for that.

Why Facebook Ads Fail – Reason 5: Tiny, Super Specific Audience

You need to have a sizable audience on Facebook. If you audience size is 6,000, your ads will most likely not run except you are using a custom audience.

Also smaller audience size means that the same ads will be shown to the same people more often and this will lead to faster ad fatigue.

Why Facebook Ads Fail – Reason 6: Wrong Bidding Budget

Facebook is the world’s biggest auction platform.

So a second reason why your Facebook Ads fail is that you don’t bid rightly.

You should suspect that you are bidding wrongly if your ad is not generating enough impressions or clicks.

In the bidding section of Facebook’s ad platform, you have the option to choose either ‘Automatic’ or ‘Manual’ bidding options.

If you choose the ‘Automatic’ bidding option, it means you let Facebook bid for you at the auction. If you are a new or an intermediate advertiser, I recommend that you go with this option.

However, you have to understand that you have no control over the bidding process.

If you choose ‘Manual’ option, then you get to decide how much you’re willing to pay for every click or impression. Facebook will suggest minimum and maximum bid amounts.

If your ad still does not generate any impression or click inspite of bidding within these numbers, then bid a little bit higher. This is the Wahala (problem) with manual bidding – trial and error

You will need to bid sensibly to fit into your budget and still optimize to achieve profitable conversion rates.

After doing this and you still find that the ad is getting enough impressions or clicks, you may not have targeted the right audience.

Why Facebook Ads Fail – Reason 7: Wrong Bidding Option

While setting up the bidding tab, you need to fill up the ‘When you are charged’ section. You can opt for ‘per click,’ or ‘per impression’ charge. If you opt for ‘per click’ option, but it does not generate enough clicks, you may go for being charged ‘per impression.’

Not getting enough response even after changing bidding option! Improper audience targeting may be the reason.

Why Facebook Ads Fail – Reason 8: Poor Audience To Message Match

One reason many ads fail is because you are sending the ad message to that does not match your audience well.

You can know this when you see from your Facebook analytic data, that your landing website is getting good impressions, but your ads not getting clicked enough.

To stop or prevent this, let your ad copy message resonate with your audience.

We’re going to stop here for now because of the length of this article.

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